From Finance to Tech: Tracing Jeff Perry's Ascent to CRO at Carta

From Finance to Tech: Tracing Jeff Perry's Ascent to CRO at Carta
Jeff Perry - Chief Revenue Officer at Carta

Jeff Perry’s ascent in the corporate realm is a compelling narrative that underscores the nexus between financial acumen and tech-savvy in modern business landscapes. His journey began at Santa Clara University, where he pursued a Bachelor of Arts from 1993 to 1997, engaging in activities like being part of the Baseball Team.

Upon graduation, Jeff dove into the financial sector, serving as an Associate at Merrill Lynch from 1997 to 2000. This foundational experience in finance poised him for a seamless transition into the tech industry, which was rapidly evolving at the dawn of the new millennium. In June 2000, he joined Oracle in Marketing - Exhibit Sales, where he served for just over three years, thus bridging his financial prowess with an emergent affinity for technology-driven sales and marketing.

Jeff’s career at Oracle blossomed as he transitioned through various sales-focused roles over a span of about 10 years and 5 months. He served as a Strategic Account Manager, Regional Manager, Area Manager for Enterprise Accounts, Group Sales Director for Enterprise Hardware, and eventually, Vice President of Sales. His roles, particularly as a Group Sales Director and Area Manager, entailed managing substantial teams and budgets, honing his skills in sales strategy, team management, and budget oversight.

In February 2015, a new vista opened up for Jeff at DocuSign, where he served as Vice President, Commercial Sales, SMB for nearly four years. His tenure at DocuSign not only extended his sales and management acumen but also deepened his experience in the tech sector, preparing him for the subsequent roles at Carta.

Jeff joined Carta in October 2018 as the Vice President of Revenue for Private Markets, a position he held for about a year and seven months. His impact was soon recognized, earning him a promotion to Head of Corporations Business in May 2020, a role he embraced for a year. In April 2021, Jeff ascended to his current position as the Chief Revenue Officer, where he has been serving for the past two years and seven months.

My Journey to Carta
If someone had told me when I was 25 that I would one day be working at Carta, I would have been shocked. That’s because I left my first job—at Merrill Lynch—after three years because I wanted to work at a company that paid me in equity.

At every juncture, Jeff Perry has amalgamated his financial insight with tech-savvy to drive sales, manage robust teams, and steer significant budgets. His trajectory from a fresh graduate to a C-level executive at Carta underscores the indispensable blend of financial and technological adeptness required to navigate and lead in today’s digitally-driven business echelons.

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