From Production Assistant to CMO of Twitch: Rachel Delphin's Path to Success

Rachel Delphin's career journey is a testament to the fact that hard work and determination can take you to the top. Currently serving as the Chief Marketing Officer of Twitch, Delphin has held a variety of leadership roles throughout her impressive career.

It all started at the University of Florida, where Delphin earned a bachelor's degree in marketing and international relations while participating in the Honors Program and joining Kappa Delta Sorority. After graduation, she kicked off her professional journey as a production assistant at Gen Art, where she helped plan events, assisted with productions, and served as a publicist for an organization that showcases emerging talent in music, arts, fashion, and entertainment.

From there, Delphin moved on to the Susan Magrino Agency, where she worked as a senior account executive and event director. In this role, she managed public relations activities for luxury lifestyle clients with a focus on travel and culinary. Some of her notable projects included the reopening of The Fontainebleau Miami Beach and The Plaza Hotel, as well as the opening of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Talk about fancy!

In 2010, Delphin took on a new challenge as the public relations director for WIRED, Ars Technica, and Reddit. She oversaw all media and external communication efforts for these brands, highlighting the stories, the people behind them, and the business and brand that support it all.

After a few years at WIRED, Delphin joined Twitter as the head of product communications, where she led a team responsible for telling the stories about consumer and developer features and products, as well as the people behind them. This included Twitter's own apps and products like Twitter iOS/Android,, Tweetdeck, and Periscope, as well as product partnerships and integrations.

Delphin then moved on to Tanium, where she served as the head of communications and was responsible for the full spectrum of communication work, from strategy to execution. This included managing news and announcements, profiles, campaigns, and rapid responses and crisis management, as well as building a team and supporting a worldwide network of agencies.

In 2018, Delphin joined Twitch as the vice president of communications, where she oversaw PR, internal communications, social media, community, creator, and influencer marketing. She was then promoted to senior vice president of marketing and communications in 2021, where she led Twitch's marketing team, PR, social, growth, and media, integrated marketing, creative, and brand. And if that wasn't enough, she was promoted again in 2022 to her current role as Chief Marketing Officer, overseeing the strategic direction of teams across PR, social media, growth and media, integrated marketing, creative, and brand marketing.

Throughout her career, Delphin has proven to be a dedicated and skilled leader, with a strong track record of success in public relations, product communications, and marketing. Her ability to adapt to new environments and take on new challenges has undoubtedly played a large part in her successful career journey. So, if you're looking to climb the career ladder and land that dream job, take a page from Delphin's book and don't be afraid to work hard and take on new challenges.